Sunday, March 20, 2011

4th Week--by the shore sites

When Elder Ballard dedicated this island nation to the preaching of the gospel, it marked the beginning of the end of oppression from Satan's grasp. It has been 33 years, and now this people have their own beautiful temple, several stakes in Zion, and an Area Office serving thousands of members.

An unfallen hero lost only his arm. He keeps the same old expression no matter what we said to him. He wouldn't even smile at my friendly gesture!

Monument to fallen heroes--they had it really tough under the terrible dictator ruler Trujillo. This is actually two monuments, one in front of the other--the woman in front (not me) and the man behind being blinded by oppression.

Elder Ford calls this a "quarter of a horse". He's tethered to a rock--can only eat what he can reach. Who gives him water? This is far from anyone who cares. Did you ever see such a skinny horse? Times are really tough for many animals as well as people. There are few dogs here--and most show their ribs just like this horse!

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