Sunday, March 27, 2011

5th week

Our Los Arroyos Branch has enjoyed baptisms every week since we arrived. Duchni is from Haiti and is so happy to be a new member of our church! Her friend in pink is MariCarmen.

Next to our Temple
one of our favorite sites is the Japanese Garden. The whole Botanical Garden is a peaceful refuge from a country teeming with millions of people struggling to eke out a living, but the Japanese Garden is the most peaceful part of it.

Our outing to the Botanical Garden with our Canadian friends, the McDermids, didn't start out on the best note. Rodney and Neil changed our flat tire on Santo Domingo's busiest road, the Luperon, a dirty and dangerous job! The very kind owner of the car dealership in the background brought us some water to clean up. What an oasis is this Garden to the rest of this crowded, dirty city!

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