Sunday, March 13, 2011

A couple of days ago these were just shells to me. Now I've been taught to be more observant. Each shell is different from any other created. Like a finger print, it identifies itself. Notice the shells with grooves going lengthwise as opposed to those going around. Did I ever notice that before? The spotted ones are called giraffe shells, each unique in markings as are those animals for which they are named.

Hna. Whitaker is wearing her "Amish" bathing suit. She and Elder Whitaker visit the DR's beaches nearly every week, searching for shells that they use to further missionary work on this island. Their gospel art, framed in shells, are an incredible labor of love that is reaping rich rewards. In their three years here, they have helped members and nonmembers create 40,000 pictures for their homes at a considerable personal sacrifice. Each missionary finds his own way in making a difference.

I think we are going to like it here!

Whitikers took us to a genuine little Swiss bakery. I couldn't resist that, though I had a hard time seeing what was really Swiss about their offerings. It's true true that the cinnamon rolls were sweeter than you'll find in Spanish pastelerias, so I guess it is from the Swiss that I get my sweet tooth. For lunch, we paid more than $15 for a hamburger and a ceasar salad. Though we see many rich villas, I don't know how the true locals can afford to eat, let alone eat out in this country!

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