Sunday, March 6, 2011

2nd Week

We enjoyed dinner with two American couples our first Monday here at the home of the Berkleys from Brigham City , family history preservation missionaries who will be going home next month. The McDermids from Canada have been here just one week more than we; their calling is to serve missionaries with mental health issues. This is comforting! Most missionaries in this area live in the hostel by the temple which are very nice. It would certainly be more comfortable for us, both the facility and our shared language, but we know we are where the Lord wants us to be. We will be stretched.

We attended our new assigned branch this morning in Los Arroyos where we met many new friends. It is the only branch in the stake, but it is growing. We hope we can help them in their desires to qualify as a ward. One sister speaks a little English--thank goodness for her. I bore my testimony today and asked for their patience as we try to learn this language. I was also asked to play the piano for Sacrament Meeting (which I did perfectly in Spanish!) and to offer the closing prayer in Relief Society which I offered imperfectly in Spanish. We were impressed with the standard of dress for the young men--white shirts and ties who passed the Sacrament with awesome decorum.

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