Saturday, February 26, 2011

We visited the Santo Domingo Temple this morning on our P-Day. It is certainly the most lovely thing we've seen to date in this country! We met the counselor to the Temple President outside the temple who told us they hold only 2 sessions in the morning and 3 in the late afternoon. This is different than in Madrid, of course, but we are hoping we can attend considering our current office schedule. The traffic was "extreme", but Elder Ford is getting very good at maneuvering in, out, and around all the other vehicles. My blood pressure was up, but the end site was worth it! We also passed by the chapel we will be attending tomorrow with temple missionaries as we have not yet been assigned to a specific ward or branch by our mission president.

These beautiful grounds were filled with beautiful people on a beautiful day!

To make sure we could find the chapel for church tomorrow, we also were able to locate it successfully. You would think with a map it wouldn't be all that hard, but these roads and the traffic are something else! A GPS would be awesome here!


  1. As we were sitting at the ballet yesterday, it was so hard to believe we were sitting there with you two just the week before. So much can happen in a week!

    The temple looks beautiful!

  2. We found the temple on Google maps, so we kind of even know where that is. We got home safe and sound... the roads were a little snowy thru Oregon and then again across Snoqualmie Pass, but now we're all unpacked and settling in. I'm so glad we got to see you off. We're looking forward to your reports!